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Development of an end-to-end digital process chain in the area of deal processing

THI Investments


The increasing automation of processes is a current technological trend. Process automation enables both productivity and efficiency to be increased. In particular, recurring procedures can be standardized and performed error-free by process automation.

If process automation is not only considered from the point of view of standardization but also coupled with modern working methods (e.g. communication systems, knowledge management, collaboration systems), further increases in efficiency can be achieved. In the area of private equity, many different workflows have to be carried out before and during a purchase transaction. Today, many of them are carried out repetitively but are not supported by a digital process chain.

Therefore, this task aims to work out the potential of automation engineering along the process chain for deal execution. Subsequently, a process is to be designed that supports the employees along the process workflow with digital process automation. In the first step, the individual work activities must be determined. Subsequently, the supporting application is to be selected, and the work activity digitized. In this way, the different work steps are standardized and can be easily repeated. In further expansion stages, historical process automation data is to be automatically displayed to the user as "best practices" for new, related topics to benefit from the previous knowledge of the digital process chain.

The Microsoft Azure infrastructure and the Office365 Ecosystem are available for the development of the process. The ideal candidate should have the following skills:

  • Capable of working efficiently in a fast-paced environment
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Visual Studio development, e.g., VB, C#, and Web-Programming
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Knowledge in Databases (Azure SQL, Oracle)
  • Excellent computer skills including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint (we work with Office 365)
  • Ability to learn new methods quickly
  • Highly structured
  • Ability to process new tasks quickly and effectively
  • A team player with the ability to work independently
  • A professional and effective communicator across all levels of seniority
  • Native German and fluent English language skills required


  • Stuttgart Mitte (70173)

Über das Unternehmen

THI Investments is a single family office founded in January 2016 after divesting an 80 year-old family business. Our goal is to invest in a diversified portfolio of financial and company assets and grow them over the long term. We are entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors. Our companies are designed to adapt to and thrive on rapid global changes, such as digitisation, demographics, urbanisation and resource sustainability. Success is defined not only by the returns and growth we achieve – but also by how we achieve them. THI Investments is values-driven because that’s the way its owners, management and team want it to be. Our partners’, co-investors’ and team members’ success is part of how we measure our performance. We manage risk through diversification, flexibility, execution excellence, partnership and a positive and optimistic outlook. We have the patience and the vision to realise success over the long term.

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