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Bewerbung per E-Mail an das Unternehmen. Bewerbung per E-Mail an das Unternehmen.


Maxherbs GMbH


Ми раді запропонувати вам посаду фармацевта в нашій компанії в Гамбурзі.

We are looking for a responsible and professional person who would work a part-time 10-hours per week job for the beginning with the monthly starting salary for this position. You will be paid on a monthly basis, starting the date specified in a contract.

We believe your skills and experience are an excellent match for our company.

In this role, you will be required to have a sufficient professional qualification to ensure compliance with the relevant regulations, study of pharmacy and the approval as a pharmacist, knowledge of the legal provisions applicable to the distribution and storage of medicinal products and of the elements of good storage and distribution practice.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope you’ll join our team!


  • Hamburg Kleingartenanlage (22309)
  • Hamburg Kleingartenanlage (22335)

Über das Unternehmen

MaxHerbs GmbH was founded in the summer of 2019 with the vision of becoming one of the leading importers and wholesalers of prescription drugs based on medical cannabis in Germany. Our team includes experts from countries such as Poland, USA and Germany.

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