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Survey distributor

Dual Conseil


We are creating Forward Project, a major Eurowide co-design exercise reaching out to those it will affect. It involves surveying thousands of students, and interviewing dozens of education experts, leaders from European youth organizations, international high schools, corporate executives, start-up founders and social entrepreneurs.

We’ll be visiting Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Madrid and will be in each place for approximately 3-4 days and we're hiring local university students in each country to share our survey with local high school students.

The job is passing out surveys (paper & electronic) to high school students twice per day around free time (lunch & after school).
The salary is based on amount of surveys filled with each completed survey being worth 2 Euros. We hope to get around 30 surveys per distributor, per high school. Candidates will start the mission as soon as possible, reaching out to high school students at schools directly.

Requirements :

- Be a university student

- High motivation

- Friendly attitude

- International profile

- Very good level in English (additional languages would be a plus)

- Very good articulation when explaining the project to high school students and when answering possible question about the project (you will be briefed on the content.

Interested candidates can contact Manuela at and include proof of student ID or registration and a CV.


  • Berlin Dahlem (14169)
  • Berlin Friedrichshain (10243)
  • Berlin Kreuzberg (10961)
  • Berlin Mitte (10115)
  • Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (10119)
  • Berlin Schöneberg (10965)
  • Berlin Tiergarten (10559)

Über das Unternehmen

Forward Project is a European-wide higher education co-design project. The Forward project aims to design new forms of higher education based on a large scale survey of needs, aspirations and expertise: 3,000 students, 30 headmasters of international high schools and education experts, 30 heads of Human resources, founders of start ups and social entrepreneurs. Our aim: To connect the aspiration of European youth, the future of jobs, the new science of learning and the nature of our major challenges be they environmental, technological, political or economic.

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