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Bewerbung per E-Mail an das Unternehmen. Bewerbung per E-Mail an das Unternehmen.

Campus Ambassadors (m/w)

Editorama Academic Services


We at Editorama Academic Services are currently searching for Campus Ambassadors to help spread the Editorama message.

As a campus ambassador, you work when you want, engaging in two different types of activities. On the one hand, you will distribute information to your fellow students (in the form of flyers and other marketing material, which we provide) with the goal of bringing clients to the Editorama website. For this task, you will be paid a 15% commission on all of the sales that you generate. On the other hand, you will occassionally staff an information table on your campus performing similar outreach activities. For this type of work you will be paid 12 EUR per hour (please note that this will be scheduled for special events and is not regularly planned).

If you have an interest in marketing, you are welcome to make suggestions about what you see could be improved in our outreach — in other words, it would be great if you wanted to become more involved in the process!

Here are the requirements for this position:

Be currently enrolled at a university or Hochschule in Germany. It would be great if you had more than one semester left, but this isn’t the most important thing.

Be fluent in German and comfortable speaking in English.

Be outgoing and full of personality — You have to proactively interact with people, so if you are shy, you won’t have a lot of success.

Be responsible and trustworthy — You work unsupervised, especially if you are outside of the Cologne area.

To apply for this position, please visit the website below. Please include a photo in your CV, but please, no standard “Bewerbungsfoto” — Instead, please include a photo that somehow captures your personality so we can see a little bit of what makes you unique. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Aachen Aachen (52062)
  • Bochum Innenstadt (44793)
  • Bonn Zentrum (53121)
  • Bonn Zentrum (53129)
  • Bremen Lehe (28359)
  • Dresden Innere Altstadt (01067)
  • Dresden Innere Altstadt (01069)
  • Düsseldorf Stadtmitte (40210)
  • Frankfurt am Main Innenstadt (60318)
  • Freiburg im Breisgau Altstadt (79098)
  • Göttingen Göttingen (37073)
  • Hannover Mitte (30167)
  • Heidelberg Altstadt (69117)
  • Karlsruhe Innenstadt-West (76131)
  • Konstanz Staad (78464)
  • Köln Lindenthal (50931)
  • Leipzig Zentrum (04107)
  • München Maxvorstadt (80539)
  • Münster Centrum (48143)
  • Münster Centrum (48149)
  • Stuttgart Mitte (70182)
  • Tübingen Innenstadt (72074)

Über das Unternehmen

Editorama Academic Services is a small company operating out of a tiny office in Cologne, Germany. We offer editing services for English language academic writing at very affordable prices, with great service to go with it.

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