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Working student for embedded development

Nomitri GmbH


Job description

We are looking for a working student with practical experience in Embedded Linux development and solid C++ skills to join our interdisciplinary team which combines backgrounds in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Embedded, Mobile and Backend development.

We are developing an AI-enabled embedded camera combined with a SoM that is capable of efficiently executing advanced Deep Learning algorithms for object detection, scene understanding and other tasks on device; instead of transmitting image data to network servers.

We are basing our platform on ARM boards enhanced with dedicated deep learning hardware accelerators. For our concrete products the platform is then optimized and brought to a production ready state.

A lot of our work is cutting-edge, oftentimes going beyond the current state of the art, so we are also looking for someone who --aside from the necessary experience-- comes with a passion for research and fast prototyping and a natural curiosity towards new fields and approaches.

In your role, you would help us to:

  • select and configure the embedded Linux OS running on the ARM board utilizing techniques from containerization and infrastructure as code for stability and reproducibility

  • adapt and maintain the Linux OS to integrate support for image sensors drivers, deep learning accelerators drivers and development libraries

  • interact with external manufacturers for prototype development and validation

  • implement efficient interfaces and the data flow between image sensor, CPU, GPU and deep learning accelerator

  • implement computer vision and image processing functionality in a modular and testable fashion in C++ that runs efficiently on the ARM processor

  • implement efficient asynchronous program execution

  • assist our DevOps experts to adapt our CI/CD pipeline to the special requirements of embedded development

For this role we expect you to have experience in:

  • at least 1 year of embedded software development

  • at least 1 year of relevant experience in development and maintenance of embedded Linux OS (ideally with Yocto)

  • proficiency in C++ and a scripting language

  • decent proficiency in CMake build system

  • version control such as Git

  • good English skills, high problem-solving skills and analytical thinking skills

Additionally, it would be great if you already have experience in any of the following:

  • hardware component selection and interfacing

  • program and data flow design and implementation

  • development of multi platform software

  • image processing and basic computer vision (OpenCV)

  • Bluetooth LE

  • mobile iOS/Android development

  • hardware debug tools and debug experience using oscilloscopes and logic analyzers

  • deep learning

What we can offer you:

In your role you will be working with an interdisciplinary team of seasoned experts in the fields of embedded computer vision, deep learning, mobile app development and professional DevOps with learning opportunities abound. Together with us you will work on highly innovative products employing cutting edge technologies often pushing the state of the art.

We combine a familiar working environment with an ambitious commercial and technological vision. We are in a great position to realize this vision given our strong funding situation and a wide commercial network.

In short you will be joining a very promising and exciting venture.


  • team of very experienced deep learning & embedded professionals

  • flat hierarchies

  • research-driven culture

  • solution-oriented, not ego-driven team

  • fast learning curve

  • office in the heart of Berlin

  • high-end hardware infrastructure

At Nomitri, we build state-of-the-art technology. In order to succeed, we are looking to hire the brightest minds. It takes diversity of culture, background, beliefs, thought and perspective to create truly cutting-edge technology. We are an equal-opportunity employer and strive to build balanced teams. 


  • Berlin Mitte (10115)

Über das Unternehmen

We are a highly innovative software company based in Berlin working on cutting edge technology. We focus on deploying Deep Learning and Computer Vision applications to mobile and embedded platforms. We combine a familiar working environment with an ambitious commercial and technological vision. We are in a great position to realize this vision given our strong funding situation and a wide commercial network. Our amazing engineering team combines experienced experts in the fields of deep learning as well as embedded computer vision, supported by equally experienced DevOps and network admin experts. Completing the picture are our experienced mobile and full stack developers. This rare combination enables us to work on cutting edge deep learning solutions in an efficient scalable development and deployment pipeline and integrate these solutions into professional and commercially viable applications. We currently have three Phd.s on the team, a strong publication record in deep learning and all of our team members have a minimum of 7 years of professional work experience, with the average experience being >10 years. Our deep learning experts have experience designing cutting-edge Deep Learning models from scratch as well as bringing them to production in the fields of autonomous driving and medical imaging. Our embedded camera experts have experience in designing and building their own camera systems from scratch and building highly optimized commercial C++ Computer Vision applications.

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