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Studentenjob (m/w) - Migration of Wiki Systems (m/f)

NKT Photonics GmbH


Studentenjob (m/w) - Migration of Wiki Systems (m/f)

Company:      LIOS Technology GmbH

Department:   R&D

Company Description:
LIOS Technology GmbH – Linear Optical Sensors is a dynamic and internationally operating company based in Cologne and a member of the Danish NKT Group. LIOS develops and markets high-quality fibre-optic sensors for linear temperature monitoring. Typical areas of application include the monitoring of high-voltage cables and outdoor lines, as well as thermal analysis and evaluation in the field of oil boreholes and production, fire detection and special hazard facilities.

The Student Job: 


Wiki software is used at LIOS for server based collaboration and documentation. This includes knowledge bases, documentation and meeting protocols. A few different Wiki software systems have been used so far. Now, we switch to a more powerful and modern Wiki platform. The content of the previous Wikis has to be migrated to the new platform.


The goal is to migrate the contents of the previous Wiki systems to the new platform. A Java based migration tool can be used. This tool is known to have limited capabilities. Therefore, either the tool has to be extended or adapted or the migrated Wiki pages have to be edited to enable proper function of links and other features.

Required Skills & Knowledge:

- Well-organized and diligent work approach

- Basic software knowledge and understanding of web page design, databases,
   markup languages …

- Basic Java programming knowledge



- Part-time is possible

- The duration depends on the applicant’s skills and availability.
   We expect the project to take 2 to 4 months. 


Starte Date:       As of now
Duration:           2-4 months
Working Time:  Part time is possible
Compensation:  12,00 €  /working hour

LIOS Technology GmbH
Peter Schäfer
Department R&D
Schanzenstraße 39, Gebäude D9-D13
51063 Köln
Telefon: +49 221 99887 0
Fax: +49 221 99887 150





  • Köln Mülheim (51063)

Über das Unternehmen

NKT Photonics is a dynamic, international high-tech company and a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of high-performance fiber lasers, fiber optic sensing systems and photonic crystal fibers. We employ some of the best and most creative people in our industry and they have helped to make us one of the fastest growing and most innovative photonics companies in the World. At our facility in Cologne, our expertise is in the development, production and distribution of high quality fiber optic sensor systems for distributed temperature measurement and structure monitoring. Typical areas of application are the monitoring of high-voltage cables and overhead lines, the thermal analysis of oil production and the fire protection in tunnels, as well as in fire-hazard buildings and facilities.

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