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Internship Knowledge Discovery

Fraunhofer IAIS



Fraunhofer is the biggest organization for applied science in Europe. In 2018, in the research category of the Trendence Graduate Barometer, we were named»TOP 1 Employer Germany«.

In the Fraunhofer IAIS, more than 260 employees develop customized solutions for the integration and analysis of data for our customers in the industry. The emphasis lays on competencies in the areas of Big Data, Multimedia Content Analytics, Information Integration and Enterprise Modelling and Enterprise Analysis.

During the internship you elaborate and develop scalable visual and algorithmic methods for the analysis of different types of spatiotemporal data (movement data, events, spatial time series), which will be capable to deal with the high complexity of geographical space, time, and multidimensional attributes.


Your tasks include (One of the tasks will be focused depending on the situation)

  • Implementing machine learning algorithms / models for spatiotemporal data analysis
  • Implementing a visual analytics system supporting interactive analysis for movement data
  • Conducting eye-tracking evaluation for a visual analytics system


What we expect from you

  • Knowledge of data mining, information visualization and visual analytics
  • JavaScript library for visualization, including D3.js, three.js, etc.
  • Python knowledge about machine learning library
  • Good English speaking and writing skills
  • Optional: Knowledge of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Optional: Experience in handling spatiotemporal data


What you can expect from us

  • Supervision by experienced researchers
  • Participating the state-of-the-art visual analytics method development
  • Possibly participating in joint publications


Compensation is based on the company agreement fort the employment of students in Sankt Augustin.

In case of identical qualifications, preference will be given to severely disabled candidates.
The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is committed to providing equal career opportunities for men and women.



We are looking forward to your application in our online portal


For further information please contact

Dr. Siming Chen


  • Sankt Augustin (53757)

Über das Unternehmen

Fraunhofer ist die größte Organisation für anwendungsorientierte Forschung in Europa und wurde 2019 in den Kategorien »Forschung« und »öffentlicher Sektor« des Trendence-Absolventenbarometers sowie im Randstad Employer Brand Research als »TOP 1 Arbeitgeber« ausgezeichnet. Am Fraunhofer IAIS erforschen und entwickeln mehr als 280 Mitarbeitende individuelle Lösungen zur Integration und Analyse von Daten für unsere Fördergeber und unsere Kunden aus der Wirtschaft. Künstliche Intelligenz, Machine Learning, Big Data, Multimedia Content Analytics, Information Integration und Unternehmensmodellierung und –analyse sind die inhaltlichen Schwerpunkte unserer Arbeiten.

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