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Bewerbung per E-Mail an das Unternehmen. Bewerbung per E-Mail an das Unternehmen.

Germany’s Largest Crypto Conference - Booth Volunteer (Bonus Accordingly)

Thusney Commerce Group, Ltd


Position:  C3 Crypto Conference - Booth Volunteer

Location:  Berlin

Time:  April 05 & 06,2018

1. Must be reliable and dependable

2. Excellent verbal communication skills

3. Demonstrate an enthusiastic and positive attitude, and work with integrity and respect

4. Maintain a positive, enthusiastic rapport with all the guests and employees

5. Actively greet and engage guests as they enter and leave the grounds

Bonus Accordingly

Über das Unternehmen

Thusney Commerce Group, Ltd. is to provide BI analyzing system (an Artificial Intelligence System) for investors in the financial market investment such as Equities, Forex, Future, etc.

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