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Messe hostess Sport Aktiv

Jobe Sports International


Jobe Sports International is exhibiting at Sport Aktiv in Erfurt. We have a booth and we will bring a 25m long pool where visitors can try out Stand Up Paddling. We need promotional staff to make people enthusiastic to try out Stand Up Paddling in the pool and to help people to get on the stand up paddle board.

We prefer a german/english speaking male with a sportive appearance as promotion staff. It is very important to have a person that's enthousiastic and isn't scared to talk to people.

Duties at exhibition:
- enthuse people about Stand up paddling. We will bring a 27 meter long pool with us where visitors can try out Stand up paddling. The person needs to get people on the sup, ask them if they are willing to try it, enthuse them etc. It requires a good chit chat ;) and a good dosis of social skills. He will also be in the water for a couple of hours a day instruction how to sup. He will get a good explanation what she needs to tell people and how it works. In total 3 people will be at our booth. And they will rotate during the day, who is in the water. So every booth staff member will be in the water for a couple of hours. The water is 60 cm high, so you can easily stand in it.


  • Erfurt Bischleben-Stedten (99094)

Über das Unternehmen

We want you to enjoy all important aspects of life. We want you to have fun. To make memories with your loved ones. To enjoy absolute freedom. To have your heart filled with unforgettable moments. To discover beautiful places. To relax. But also to feel excited and getting that adrenaline rush. How? By sharing our passion for watersports. Our mission is to get you on the water. Every day we are working hard to make that happen. And every day we are working hard developing new products to make your life on the water both easier and more fun. Enhancing your performance is what we aim for. Stand Up Paddleboarding is a magnificent way to reflect that passion for watersports. Take on the SUP-challenge and discover your world with Jobe SUP. Discover that your local lake can bring you quality time with your family. Discover that the canal in your home town transforms into an urban jungle on your SUP. Discover Yoga is not exclusively made for the mainland. Discover your hidden talents. Discover Jobe SUP is available everywhere for everybody!

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