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Student Trainee Audio Visual Specialist

The Casas Academy


If you like personal development courses and are inspired by contributing to a better world, I would like to invite you to work with us. Our work Is leading edge and it empowers people to live their highest potential very quickly. This is why we want to reach a lot of people and we need your support to create our online training and coaching materials. The person who applies will help us film videos (so you would have to bring your camera, microphone and lights) and audio materials. This includes editing and cutting them. Maybe you already have access at your university to some editing software, otherwise we can probably purchase it for our use. This person would also create some webinar presentations which make the concepts easy to understand. If you like doing animation we could include it in the presentations and you also would have the option to do purchase pictures or images to create them. If you like doing Aps it is even better because I have some ideas of an app we could use to expand our reach in the world . For you to help us with this project I will be doing a couple of trainings for you. This way you can give me better feedback when we create the materials.


If you love making and cutting videos and are inspired by helping us transform the world. If you love doing animation and/or apps. If you love the idea of creating a complete online training, I invite you to work with us in Munich for a few months. If you decide to continue co-creating with us, we can find a way to do this in the future. We will always need someone who can do videos and audio of our events. We will also be creating new materials as our work evolves. If you want to have a mini job or give us an invoice per hour, it is possible. I am looking forward to getting to know you.


For more information and to apply please contact me at:

Adriana Casas


The Casas Academy
Schleissheimerstr. 78
80797 Munich
+49 1776938883


  • München Maxvorstadt (80797)

Über das Unternehmen

We believe that everything you do, say or think affects everything around you. We are experts in transformation and believe that as individual lives transform, so does the world. Our work consists on energetic exercises and consciousness which can be integrated in all key areas of society. We are trying to reach more people around the globe through online trainings. People who have done our courses do not only feel empowered to live their highest potential but they also feel inspired to live very consciously connected to everything around them. Our work opens up new possibilities for people and they begin to see magic in their work and life.

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